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About Kuaka

Kuaka is an Identity Management, Network Security and Authentication & Authorization solutions provider. Our solutions aim to remedy Network Security, Unauthorised Access, Identity Theft, Credit Fraud, SIM Swap fraud, POPI Act, KYC (Know Your Customer) etc. and Office Automation.

In the race to provide fast, reliable and concise Digital services, companies are required to invest in secure technologies to ensure that they protect their client’s information. Companies that provide these service also have the need to Identify and Authenticate each user within their environment in order to effectively secure they data and information.



We want to create a secure, all-inclusive economy for all people, whether in the cities and or rural areas.
Our objective are governed by 5 pillors

  • Confidentiality - Protecting information from disclosure to unauthorized parties
  • Integrity - Maintaining and assuring the accuracy and completeness of data over its entire lifecycle.
  • Availability - Ensuring the information and data is accessible, to the right people
  • Authentication - Ensuring the Right person is accessing the right resources.
  • Identification - Identity is key factor to establishing relations between people, persons and organisations.
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    Competitive Edge

    Our competitive edge lies with our technology and our philosophy. Our technology is designed to eliminate financial and identity fraud while preserving privacy. We believe customers' privacy is sacred, and their account information should remain protected at all times, during transactions or when they are asleep.

    Our solutions are most cost effective and will make broad cost of Registration, Authentication and Verification of individuals is cheaper and easier. In addition, we aim to provide our customers with one of the best support and warranty in the industry in relations to trust between the institution and its customers while providing optimum security.



    We have four main Products and Services

  • DAL - Diverse Authentication Library - “Reverse Authentication Solution” which enables the customer or client to know who exactly they are dealing with... Read More
  • “Tiyisa” - Assurance - Specialized software within a hardware, used to monitor, secure and prevent network vulnerability and hacks...Read More
  • AuthaaS - Authentication and Authorisation as a Service... Read More
  • Office Automation Our solutions aim to digitally create, collect, store, secure, manipulate, and relay office information... Read More
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