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We are
Leaders in Identity Protection and Fraud Prevention

Commited to providing maximum Identity Protection;

The DAL system is the first 5+ Factor Authentication "Verified Trust Exchange" solution to verify and confirm an individual’s identity as well as the employee of a specific institution’s without complicating it with every kind of Biometric device or expensive software

Verified Trust Exchange

We have created a “Reverse Authentication Solution” which enables the customer or client to know who exactly they are dealing with; the truthful authorized individual of an institution and, to have a proof of the communication and potential authentication/ transaction history with the institution – Trust cuts both ways and we have focused on creating this solid trust. The solution was developed to make the Registration and Verification portions as quick and easy to do;

  • To ensure as little as possible interference for the individual being enrolled or verified
  • To be the finest Identity Protection and Authentication solution for all environments and applications, the enrolment or registration part has been developed to capture optimum levels of accuracy of an individual’s Identity.
  • This ensures maximum minutiae is recorded and the fingerprint is usable for physical verification.
  • This enables any future verification as technology evolves.
  • The devices used to capture the fingerprints has been selected by fingerprint experts and captures the best image available, it also captures the fingerprint from nail bed to nail bed.
  • DAL links the Real-World Human Being to the Cyber world Digital Identity to the Individual claiming to be the owner of the Identity, using forensic protocol and state of the art and highly secure processes and systems. DAL also creates the first REFERENCED Self-Sovereign Identity for the Blockchain

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    Benefits of Identity Protection

    "(Tighter IT governance requirements are making security operations more difficult, but security solutions that work in the background enable organizations to strengthen their security posture and compliance footing in the face of new and upcoming regulatory requirements. With identity governance, simplification is the key to keeping resources safe while enabling business managers to do what IT needs to trust them to do.)"


    * Know that you are dealing with a Real-World Human Being who is forensically linked to the Cyber-World Digital Identity
    * Protect your client within your global environment against Identity Theft/Fraud and crimes related to it.
    * Protect your Company against Fraud and other crimes related to Identity Theft/Fraud


    * DAL incorporates Fingerprint Experts to ensure an Identity is 100% that of an Individual Registered on our system
    * Full Chain of Custody and Audit trails of Identities within the DAL solution


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