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Kuaka Tiyisa;

Is an open source solution, which is in a specialized network hardware box, that contains specialized software, used to monitor, secure and prevent network vulnerability and hacks.
It is used to protect a network from intrusions and concurrently allow legitimate data to pass through.
It acts as a gate controlling outgoing/incoming data streams of an Intranet.

Over 15 Years

of Experience
in security

Key Functions

Monitor, Manage and Control network traffic - The intrusion detection includes IP addresses, ports, IP Protocol and packet header and behaviour

Protect Resources - The most important task of our “Tiyisa” is to protect the network resources from outside threats.

Record, Prevent and Report on events - This report is used to evaluate and analyse problems and pro-actively provide solutions.

Authentic access - This helps to restrict resources from unexpected sources, and limits threats to valuable resources.

Port Assurance - Traffic control feature enabled by the administrator to configure individual ports to allow only a specified address

Cache Technology - Removes the requirement of managing software updates, especially in an unmanaged environment. It will reduce the redundant network overhead due to updates and therefore improve the internet speed experience.

Cyber Security - This is the protection of computer systems that are connected to the internet from electronic information theft or software and from disruption or misdirection of the services companies provide.

Outlook of Tiyisa

"A network monitoring tool can provide that first level of security. The biggest benefit you get is a picture of what "normal" performance looks like for your organization, making it easy to spot anything out of the ordinary—whether that's a spike in traffic levels or an unfamiliar device that's connected to your network."


"Cyber-confidence is crucial for finance. Consistency between security and threat is a key factor in Reputation and Customer Trust."


“it's easier to implement cybersecurity than to deal with cyber-adversity.”


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